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A Message from the CEO

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

Dear tsu Nation,

I wanted to thank you for the milestones our tsū app reached because of you. There have been over 2 million mobile downloads of the dozens of versions of our apps across 1,085 cities – spanning the U.S. to even North Korea, where it appears we had a visitor without a shortcode try to log in. In all, over 5 million tsū accounts were created that encompass very diverse communities from around the world.

Although I’m happy that our apps have helped connect people, I’m proudest knowing that we’ve created impact for countless charities by crowd-raising funds in a way that only tsu could facilitate. In 2015, Make-A-Wish Foundation recognized tsū as Social Media Partner of the Year. We also notably worked with charity: water to build wells, and provided aid during the Nepal earthquake crisis through the Shiksha Foundation. These milestones remain a few of my proudest moments as CEO.

Thanks again to everyone who believed in our vision, team and helped create a truly unique tsū experience. We hope to develop and deploy more apps in the future, so please stay tuned on our upcoming endeavors, as we try to break markets again.




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